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Verity Studio is a brand founded by Veronika, a young photographer and artist from the Czech Republic. Currently, we specialize in slow-made, handcrafted jewelry, but we also aspire to expand our range to include other artistic creations. Our brand is driven by the idea of preserving our creative spirit and finding happiness through artistic expression, free from the constraints of the system. Each piece we create is a unique reflection of individuality and artistry, connecting a community of like-minded souls who appreciate the beauty of handmade craftsmanship. We invite you to explore our world of wearable art, where creativity knows no bounds.


The founder of Verity Studio is Veronika, a young artist from Brno. She studied Multimedia Arts with a focus on photography at school. After finishing her education, she occasionally photographed events and created her own original photographic works. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she discovered the tufting method for creating rugs and started engaging in their production. After some time, she decided to establish her own brand and create custom-made rugs on demand. This gave rise to Verity Studio!

However, after a while, rug production no longer fulfilled her creatively, as she felt that it didn't allow her to truly express her artistic soul. During this period, she discovered the jewelry-making techniques of Tiffany and soft soldering and decided to give them a try. This marked the beginning of her journey into crafting jewelry. She decided to take the Tiffany technique to a higher level and began crafting jewelry from Tin and Silver alloy. Jewelry-making became her passion, and Verity Studio took on a new and different direction, with even more plans for the future!

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